Be LYTE NOW! – Medically Assisted Weight Loss Program

At Be CINICAL, part of our 360 degree commitment to your health is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

We know that if losing weight were that easy, you would have already done it. Medical research has shown that teaming with a medical professional produces greater results.

We know also that there is a stigma attached to weight-loss centers – no one wants to be seen going into one. With Be CLINICAL, you are working with and seeing your DOCTOR.

We’ve specifically designed our program to fit the busy lives that we all live – the same busy lives that cause us to make compromises with our health. Time is an issue for everyone. Not everyone can follow a strict 3-5x meal-a- day plan, and not everyone can reduce his or her calorie intake by 1000 calories a day. It’s hard doing this alone. Don’t get overwhelmed. We’re here to help!



We establish a personalized program for you, based on what you can and cannot do. You are not required to purchase any meal programs. We provide medications that are clinically proven to make you lose weight.


Come see us once for a consultation. After that, we offer mobile health appointments which replace time- consuming trips to the doctor (but we would still love to see you!). This means very little time commitment on your part.


From the first time we meet you, WE ARE YOUR PARTNER. After you hit your targets, we offer mobile check-ins to ensure you stay at your desired weight. If you are slipping, we can quickly step in and steer you back on course.

How Our Be Lyte! Program Works