Fiona Frie, MD

“I will be your partner. I’m on this journey with you.” – Dr. Fiona Frie

Fiona Frie, MD is an internist, who is double-trained and certified, having qualified and practiced in both the UK (Anesthesiology) and in the US (Internal Medicine). She started Be CLINICAL in San Ramon with a dream of helping people live their best lives by offering better access to truly personalized care and the best equipment and technologies for every realm of their care.

Dr. Frie received her medical degree from The Royal London Hospital and St. Bartholomew’s Medical College in London. St. Bart’s is consistently ranked one of the top two medical universities in the UK. After postgraduate training in Anesthetics, she and her American-born husband moved to the US, where she completed a second residency at Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco, performing a finishing year at Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York.

Dr. Frie is also passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and looking your absolute best. She is the mother of three very active and wonderful children and believes that we should all aspire to be healthy. Dr. Frie cares greatly about aesthetics, wellness, and weight loss and brings a science and results-based mentality to these practices.

Her Unique Experience Fuels Her Vision for Be CLINICAL

Having worked in both the US and UK medical systems, Dr. Frie is uniquely qualified to understand the gaps in our current healthcare structure. She feels that most Primary Care is so time constrained that it becomes more about plugging holes and advising patients to go and “lose weight” or “exercise more” or “wear sunscreen.” This is then done with minimal follow-up, and the results are easy to predict!

If a patient doesn’t have direct access to tools and support, then they will never know the joy of losing weight and feeling healthier. If a patient doesn’t have a doctor who knows how to take decades off their skin using science, they will never know the joy of having a beautiful, glowing complexion and not needing anyone to remind them about sunscreen. Ask yourself, does your Primary Care doctor talk to your dermatologist, and does your dermatologist talk to the person who does your IPL or Botox®?

Dr. Frie founded North California’s Be CLINICAL to address these shortcomings and offer an alternative medical practice that is focused on all 360 degrees of a patient’s wellness.

Her Promise – One Provider Looks After All Your Health, Wellness, and Aesthetic Needs.

At Be CLINICAL, Dr. Frie aims to know all her patients well.

By spending an initial hour fully assessing every patient, Dr. Frie will get you back on the road to a brighter, more beautiful future.

She becomes each patient’s health advocate–providing guidance and support for his or her long-term health, youthful looks, illness prevention, and optimized chronic conditions. Utilizing telemedicine, she can increase the number of times she interacts with you and increase the level of success you see from her care.