About Us

Integrating Medicine and Aesthetics for a 360° Approach to Lifelong Wellness and Beauty

What makes us different at Be CLINICAL is that we are fusing medicine and aesthetics together to create science-based outcomes, resulting in a younger, more beautiful you–both inside and outside.

Dr. Fiona Frie

Fiona Frie, MD is a double board certified internist, having completed a residency and practiced anesthesia in the UK and then having completed an internal medicine residency in the U.S.  She started Be CLINICAL with a dream of helping people live their best lives by offering better access to truly personalized care as well as the best equipment and technologies for every realm of their health and lifestyle.

Medical Services

At Be CLINICAL, each patient has an hour-long, results-based consultation with Dr. Frie herself. She becomes every patient’s health advocate by providing guidance and support for long-term health, youthful looks, illness prevention, and optimizing chronic conditions.

Aesthetic Services

While any aesthetic work is highly personal, at Be CLINICAL this is a shared journey.  Before we contemplate doing any work, each patient takes part in a thorough consultation, where we use our science-based experience and combine it with state-of-the-art facial analysis software to map out your personal goals and desired results. Using Sciton’s industry-leading, dual fractional laser treatments, patients who undergo a regular regimen of treatments are seeing skin that looks better than it did a decade ago!   We combine this laser work with botulinum toxins, dermal fillers, and our own formulation of medical-grade skin peels to make you look fabulous.

Weight Loss and Anti-Aging

Losing weight doesn’t need to be difficult!   At Be CLINICAL we will perform an extensive analysis of your weight and body composition as well as have you undergo comprehensive lab work and an EKG exam. Then, together, we will develop a medical weight loss plan that not only works, but is one that you will actually be able to adhere to.

We also believe that you should not fear aging.  Using bio-identical hormones, we can treat and improve the underlying cause of the symptoms women experience in menopause and peri-menopausal states. Men suffering from hormonal imbalances will benefit from our hormone therapy, as well.

Research has shown that you can restore the quality of your life through platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP)– whether it’s back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip pain…or even hair regrowth.

“I will be your partner. I’m on this journey with you.” – Dr. Fiona Frie

Fiona Frie, MD is an internist, double-trained in both the UK and the US. She started Be CLINICAL with a dream of helping people live their best lives by offering better access to truly personalized care and the best equipment and technologies for every realm of their care.

A Professional, Medical-Based Approach that Is Never Rushed

At Be CLINICAL, we want our patients to rest comfortably, knowing that they are receiving the best possible care. You will never be hurried or rushed into any sort of treatment. Dr. Frie spends the time needed with each patient to listen and carefully assess individual concerns before providing options to help you feel and look your best. Whether you’re wanting to smooth away the effects of aging or simply want to live a healthy life, we will work with you to find the right choices for your unique case.

Abby Villaruel

Abby proudly joins Be CLINICAL as a Registered Nurse with over a decade worth of training, experience and expertise in Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology, and Plastic Surgery.

Her specializations include the administration of Botox and Dermal Fillers, in addition, she is an expert in multiple laser treatments, including BBL, HALO, fractional and hair removal.  Abby has also been on the forefront of newer procedures such as PRP for both hair restoration and facial rejuvenation and Threadlifting to tighten sagging skin tissue.

Abby was mentored by one of the most highly sought-after plastic surgeons in the world, whom she also assisted in numerous Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgical procedures. At this clinic where she cultivated and mastered her skills, she served as the head nurse and clinical nurse trainer for advanced aesthetic modalities.

Abby is known for her calm, meticulous technique and her supportive, caring manner. Her understanding, careful planning, and attention to detail are what makes Abby preferred by her patients.   “The most important factor in consultations is listening to your patient’s goals. By truly understanding what the patients want to achieve and educating them about their treatment options, I can deliver optimal results and help them become their best selves.”
Abby continues to improve herself by making sure she is up to date to the latest trends, technologies, and procedures to help her patients achieve their full potential.  Outside the clinic, she spends her free time playing the piano, guitar, surfing, traveling and exploring tropical islands all over the world.